The Volkswagen ID.BUZZ from Concept to Reality | Boucher VW Racine

The VW Bus opened the way for functional yet funky when it comes to cars. It could be a beach cruiser, a camper, an open-air road trip van, and much more. Nostalgia is one thing, but creating something new based on a nostalgic ideal is another. VW appears to be making a modern legend with the ID.BUZZ EV (electric vehicle). Join us on the journey of the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ from concept to reality | Boucher VW Racine!

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Putting the FUN in Functional – the VW ID.BUZZ

Even if you are not fascinated by the manufacturing process, you will probably still love seeing how a new design is born. If you do love to see how manufacturing works from concept to reality, then VW has created a documentary you will enjoy. Find out how they created this fascinating new vehicle that:

  • Has an amazingly low drag coefficient. This means it slips through the air efficiently.
  • Can handle any kind of climate. This is important for drivers all over the world.
  • Has a range comparable to a gasoline engine vehicle.

Check out the video provided by Volkswagen that details the progress of the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ from concept to reality | Boucher VW Racine:

Ready! ID. Buzz behind the scenes (EN)

We hope you enjoyed the video! If you’re interested in a VW EV right now, we don’t blame you. Please click the link below to find out all about the 2022 VW ID.4 EV. The future is now!

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If you’re interested in the full press release from VW, please click the link below.

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Where Can I Buy a VW EV in Racine, WI?

Whether you’re interested in reserving an ID.BUZZ or a Volkswagen ID.4 EV, we want to help! Imagine cruising past the gas station knowing you never have to fill a tank again! Start your EV journey by contacting us.