Drive Better On Snow With Winter Driving Tips From Volkswagen

January 25th, 2022 by

With winter still far from over, many drivers in Southern Wisconsin are apprehensive about driving their cars on snow-covered roads. But thanks to the good folks over at Volkswagen of America, we have some helpful winter driving tips. These pieces of advice come from Benjamin Leuchter, Volkswagen’s Test and Development Driver, and Peter Bunke, Head Trainer at the Volkswagen Driving Experience, so you can rest assured they’re legit. Keep reading this blog from Frank Boucher Volkswagen of Racine as these VW experts share their top tips for winter driving.

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Before you drive

“Many drivers either don’t know what to do when the weather gets cold or are in a hurry and take shortcuts,” says Benjamin Leuchter. Suggesting that most drivers only clear enough snow from their car’s windshield to see the road barely, he says doing so puts both the driver and others on the road at risk and recommends clearing all the ice from not just the windshield but all the windows as well.

The VW Driver also suggests removing any snow covering the car’s mirrors, headlights, license plate, and roof. Snow on the roof might fall on the cars traveling behind or on your windshield when you start driving or apply brakes and cause accidents.

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Getting your car ready for winter

There’s nothing more reassuring than winter or snow tires in winters, and Peter Bunke recommends using high-quality winter tires in winters. Winter tires are specifically designed to offer better grip and traction on snow. Bunke also recommends setting the tire pressure to the recommended levels for your vehicles during winters.

During winter, windshields tend to accumulate moisture and steam, hindering visibility. The experts recommend using washer fluids formulated for low temperatures and turning on your car’s heater and air conditioning at the same time to help remove the moisture inside the cabin.

Another pro tip is to check whether your engine antifreeze and coolant mixture is at the recommended level. You should also keep a check on your car battery. Batteries tend to get strained during low temperatures, and short trips may not be enough to recharge the battery. You can use a battery charger or invest in a new battery if you’re facing cold-start issues.

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Drive safe
Rear view of a blue VW ID.4 driving on snow
Nothing is more important than keeping your cool in the cold. Never start your car and rev it hard in cold weather or after the engine’s been shut for a long time. According to Peter Bunke, you should drive at lower speeds and RPMs for the first few miles until the engine gets warm, and even though most modern cars come equipped with cruise control systems, the experts advise against using them. Instead, they suggest keeping a safe distance between your vehicle and the car ahead because the roads can get slippery, and stopping distances can increase during winters.

In case your vehicle skids, Bunke suggests steering in the direction of the skid if it is oversteering and the wheels are sliding outside the turn. He warns the drivers to be careful when accelerating if the vehicle is understeering and the front wheels slide outside the turn.

Most Volkswagen vehicles come with IQ.DRIVE intelligent semi-autonomous driver assistance features with Snow mode, but nothing beats a good driver on the ice. So be a good driver and follow these tips.

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