Teenager texting behind the wheel of a car

Tips to reduce distracted driving behind the wheel

It seems like in today’s interconnected world, we’re continually glued to our phones and devices. Though the abundance of technology that we have with us is a sure fire benefit in many ways, it can also be hazardous behind the wheel. Distracted driving is one of the biggest issues that plague our culture today, but it stretches way beyond just texting or making a call.

Our Boucher VW team wants to help you stay safe as you ride, so come with us today as we show you some of our most helpful tips to reduce distracted driving behind the wheel. No matter what’s going on in your life, nothing is worth getting into a crash over!

Infotainment system inside used vehicle

Set climate control and adjust GPS

Keeping tabs on your navigation system, pound for pound, is one of the most potentially dangerous aspects of the drive – that’s why most of them don’t allow you to input addresses while your vehicle is in motion. Be sure to get your directions, AC, and mirrors set up before you head off; this way, all you have to focus on is the drive!

Familiarize with vehicle controls

Say you just bought a new vehicle from us (and congrats if you did!) and you’re still getting used to the placements of your turn signals, wiper handles or anything else. The last thing you’d want to happen is getting into an accident because you were looking for the volume button, so make sure your car’s interior layout is familiar to you first and foremost!

Young man talking on phone inside car

Secure all devices and objects

It may seem trivial, but even the shortest amount of time your eyes aren’t on the road can spell trouble. That’s why it’s paramount that you secure all loose belongings on your model so that they won’t roll around; this could include devices, coffee mugs, and anything else that you might have inside.

Pull over for anything important

“Don’t text and drive” is an idiom that’s been repeated ad nauseum, but there are some times that that message or call just can’t wait. There’s no shame in pulling over for a bit to take that call or shoot over that email; in fact, when you aren’t driving, you’re free to focus on the person you’re corresponding with!

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