A dirty car air filter inside a car

How Often Should I Change My Car’s Air Filter?

A Clean Air Filter Equals a Clean Engine

There are many important aspects of a vehicle. One that is often overlooked is the car air filter. This filter plays a huge role in keeping your engine clean. When the filter is clean, the engine is clean, and the vehicle runs smoothly. When the filter gets clogged, you may start to experience issues with your vehicle. This blog will go over how often you should check and change your air filter. As well, this blog will cover the importance of having a clean air filter.

Why Should I Change My Car Air Filter?

A person lifting up the corner of a dirty car air filter

When you have a clean air filter in your vehicle, this allows the engine to receive clean air. This clean air plays a role in the combustion process. The air filter helps to prevent debris such as dirt, leaves, and dust from getting inside your engine. When these contaminants get inside your engine, it can cause damage. One side effect is a slower acceleration on the vehicle. As well, your engine is working overtime. This causes the vehicle to use more fuel, which will lead to a less efficient fuel economy.

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How Often Should I Check and Change My Air Filter?

You Should check your air filter on your car once a year. Many people choose to change the filter at this time, but some mechanics say an air filter can last for 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Depending on how much traveling and driving you do, you may not hit those numbers in a year. Still, you will want to take the time to check your air filter once a year. If the filter looks dirty, it is time to change it. Do not try to clean the filter and reuse it. A new air filter is the optimal choice to guarantee your vehicle runs its best and stays in top shape.

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