People riding in trailer with Christmas tree

Where can I get Christmas trees in Racine?

Christmas Tree Farms near Racine WI

Whether you’re looking to get a head start on decorating or just love the Christmas season that much, November is a perfect time to prep for the upcoming festivities. The weather here in Racine might be getting colder and snowier, but the vibe is getting much more festive and welcoming with each passing day. The perfect centerpiece for any room is a natural tree, so before you break out the tinsel and ornaments, join our Boucher VW team at some of the best Christmas Tree farms near Racine WI!

Buffalo Bill’s Christmas Trees

Buffalo Bill’s isn’t just a typical Christmas tree farm, even though its selection of over 11,000 spruces and firs is incredible – it’s also a fully-fledged winter wonderland, with free hot chocolate, cider and cookies for everyone to enjoy. There’s also a campfire, free face painting and a sledding hill, and we even heard that sometimes Santa likes to pop in and visit!

Muskego Choose & Cut

With a relaxing and beautiful aura, complete with a friendly and helpful staff, Muskego Choose & Cut – located on the corner of Moorland and Woods in Muskego – is one of our favorite spots to get your very own tree. The selection is fantastic, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a great one!

Sugar Creek Tree Farm

Owned and operated by the Chesky family, Sugar Creek Tree Farm (located on a 32 acre plot of land near Alpine Valley) is one of our favorite spots to get trees of all kinds. Thousands of types are yours for the taking, including spruces, firs and pines. Most of them can be bought for under 60 bucks, so if you’re on a budget this season, Sugar Creek is a perfect spot!

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